How VPN Works

A VPN service will encrypt all your Internet traffic and redirect through a VPN server to its original intended destination. When connected to SunVPN you will bypass all local Internet restrictions, keep your browsing history private from your ISP or company and hide your actual location (IP address) from the websites you visit. For technical details we recommend this article on how VPN works.

Take a look below to see the differences between a "normal" and a SunVPN-ed Internet connection:

With SunVPN:

  • you encrypt your Internet traffic
  • you unblock all sites/Skype/MSN etc
  • your ISP does not see your browsing history
  • sites you visit see the VPN server IP
  • you are safe from data sniffers (like in Wireless HotSpots)

Without SunVPN:

  • your traffic is not encrypted
  • ISP can block access to sites
  • your ISP/company can see your browsing history
  • sites you visit see your real IP
  • your unencrypted traffic can be read by hackers
How VPN works