StealthVPN Undetectable Technology

StealthVPN is not blocked by the GFW of China.

StealthVPN is a an advanced VPN technology that is not detectable by smart firewalls tools that use DPI to scan traffic. With StealthVPN you can use your VPN from behind the most restrictive and advanced censorship tools on the face of the Earth.

You normally don`t need to use StealthVPN, unless you are in a country that typically blocks VPN services, like for example China or behind a very restrictive corporate firewall.

How does it work

It creates an additional SSL encrypted channel on top of the OpenVPN connection that makes the traffic virtually undetectable by DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) tools used by various Internet blocking solutions, like the Great Firewall of China.

Great Firewall of China

Does it work in China?

Yes, our StealthVPN solution is working 100% in China and all our VPN servers support it. Right now the GFW is blocking "normal" VPN connections like OpenVPN or PPTP, but our StealthVPN service is fully operational from mainland China.

Is it hard to setup and use?

We have a customized SunVPN installer for StealthVPN so you don`t have to so any tech stuff on your computer. Just install the StealthVPN service and then connect to the "STEALTH" servers with your OpenVPN GUI. Really, it`s as easy as that!

StealthVPN installer